Lots of small cosmetic changes. Corrected Leave Pay periods for standard Deductions

NSSA - Visit NSSA Website

  1. Employers must deduct 3.5% of an Employee's Basic Salary plus any Back Pay for previous Pay Periods. Companies must also pay the equivalent amount to NSSA
  2. Workmen's Compensation Insurance Fund (WCIF). This is calculated using the WCIF percentage for the Company NEC times the Basic Salary less Short Time.
  3. P4A – Monthly Remittance Advice with NSSA deductions for Employees plus Company contributions. Also prints WCIF amounts. To be submitted by last working weekday before or including the 10th of the month following the pay day - Due by  the 10th of the Month.
  4. P2 – Employer Registration Form. To be completed within 30 days of Company Registration.
  5. P3 – Employee Registration (Part 1 / Part 2). For all New employees.
  6. P4C – Employee Detail Change. When an employee moves from one employer to another (sample print out 1 | 2).
  7. P9/ P10 – Benefit Claim Form to be printed by Employer and given to Employee when he leaves the Company. This report gives details of all NSSA Deductions and payments made for a given employee in the last 12 months of his employment with the Company.
  8. P16 – Annual Company Return. Listing all contributions for NSSA for a given Tax Year. To be submitted by 31st January.


  • P2 - Employer Registration – to be done within 30 days of becoming an employer.
  • P3 - Employee registration.
  • P4C - Employee detail change - When a registered employee moves from one employer to another.
  • P9/10 - Benefit claim form- Employee last 12 month NSSA contributions.

Zimra - Visit Zimra Website

  1. Payrite automatically calculates PAYE using the forecasting method of the Final Deduction System (FDS). The system has a screen enquiry, along with a suitable printout, whereby the operator can see how the PAYE has been worked out by Payrite.
  2. PAYE P2 is the monthly Remittance Advice that must be printed off and sent to Zimra together with the monthly PAYE amount by 10th of each month.
  3. Annual FDS Disc must be created and sent to Zimra by 31st January each year. This file gives totals paid and deducted for each member of staff for a given year in a specific format required by Zimra. The file can be emailed to the nearest provincial Zimra office.
  4. P6. This printout is a summary of each employee's Pay for a given year that must be given to him or her on completion of your Company's Year End Procedure.
  5. Annual Tax Return. It is the responsibility of individuals that have had more than one source of income in a given year to submit an Annual Tax Return so that Zimra can analyse any shortfalls or overpayments in PAYE for that person.

Other Important Payment Dates

  • Manpower Development Levy - by the 15th of each month
  • NEC - by the 10th of the month
  • Standard Development Levy - per quarter (15th January, 15th April, 15th July, 15th October)
  • ITF263 / ZIMRA FDS Disc - by the 30th day after the end of the tax year

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