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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits vs Allowances

An employee is generally paid a Basic Salary and many are given allowances or earnings for things like Overtime or Bonus. All of these amounts are added up to give the Gross Salary. Benefits are non-cash amounts that employees have not earned but are deemed to have been given to him or her in other ways. Company Cars, for example, are a Benefit. The amount of the benefit should be entered into the Monetary details for inclusion in the total used for calculating PAYE. Automatic Calculation of Standard Deductions.
There are flags in the System Settings screen to indicate whether or not you want the Standard Deductions of Pension, NSSA, Medical Aid, NEC, Union and Funeral Insurance to be worked out automatically.

Employee Masterfile Details

It is highly recommended that these are updated regularly as there are always changes to the Personal Details. Information like new kids, a change of address or new Bank account need to be amended from time to time. There is a form that can be printed in the Basic Masterfile Screen with most of these fields that you can give to each member of staff to update and submit to the Payroll Operator

Employee Numbers

Most reports are printed in employee number order within pay Point. So, even though you can have alphabetic employee numbers we recommend that you stick to numeric. Set them up in alphabetic Surname order and allocate numbers in ascending order with increments of 10.

Manpower Development Fund (Mandev)

This is calculated as 1% of the total Gross pay less Short time plus any employee benefits and Company Contributions for Standard Deductions like Pension and NSSA.

Medical Aid Contributions

Medical Aid contributions can either be calculated automatically or entered manually for the employee and his immediate dependents. PAYE will be reduced, as with medical expenses, for all contributions for the employee, one wife and all his registered children.

Medical Expenses

Any shortfalls on amounts invoiced for visits to the Doctor, Dentist, Hospital or Clinic by the Employee, the Spouse and or children can be submitted to the Wages clerk. These should be meticulously checked and recorded by your admin department ensuring that confidentiality is maintained at all times. 50% of these amounts will be taken off of the Calculated PAYE thereby reducing his tax and increasing the Employee's Net Pay.

Other Employment

If an Employee has more than one source of income or if he starts with a company in February or later, he is deemed by the taxman to have had Other Employment in the given year. He or she should, therefore, submit a tax return at the end of the year for Zimra to assess any shortfall or over payment of PAYE. There is a flag in the Financial Details screen titled "Other Job this Year". Employees that were with the firm from the start of the year will have this flag set to No whilst any new staff will have this flag default to Yes. When set to Yes, Payrite works out the PAYE using the current pay only as was done with PAYE calculations prior to the implementation of FDS

Performance Allowance

The system allows one to give a member of staff a regular Performance amount as an alternative to increasing his or her salary. Operators can indicate whether this extra amount is to be included in the calculation of Overtime and or Cash-in-lieu of Leave. Employers normally use this as a way around large increases in Basic Salary WCIF %age.
Most Employers have to pay a Workers Compensation Insurance Fund (WCIF) amount to NSSA every month. Different sectors of the economy use different percentages that are worked out by the authorities based on the chances of injury to workers in a particular profession. These percentages are normally changed at the start of the year and employers are encouraged to find out what the new figures are before competing their January Payroll. The Basic Salary less short time is used for this figure

Report Screens

See attached sample of a Standard YTD Reports screen. If you click on the From or To Pay Point you can change the Range of Employees. You can be more specific when you are just asking for a range within the same Pay Point. YTD Reports allow you to enter a range of Pay Periods as you are generally just wanting the report for a given Pay Date. If an Excel File version of a report can be produced by Payrite then the screen will show the default File Name and Folder where it will be created. Compare File Balances.
This screen is used to see if the essential files in a given company's data base all balance. If they do not then please inform our Softrite Staff to see if they can evaluate the discrepancy

Standards Levy (Stds)

This is worked out using 0.5% of Gross plus benefits.

Tax Indicator

There is a flag in the Financial Details screen that allows you to overwrite the PAYE or indicate additions to PAYE. The latter can be used in cases where the operator has to redo the payroll or if there are Tax Directives from Zimra for a given individual

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