Lots of small cosmetic changes. Corrected Leave Pay periods for standard Deductions

Softrite was set up by Managing Director, Mike Garden, in 1984 with one NCR DM5 computer and a printer in a small office in Newlands, Harare. We started off with a very efficient Debtors package and our first client was Brake & Clutch. Over the next few years we developed all sorts of standard accounting systems and had clients all over Zimbabwe from small enterprises to large quoted companies and many farmers.

Our first payroll was written soon after our inauguration for a clothing company called CohCoh Trading who operated those days in Graniteside. We spent lots of time adding in new features and reports to learn as much as possible about what is really useful and or important for the Accountant and Wages operator.

A few years later, in 1989, we did our first rewrite using the old faithful Cobol Programming language for use on early Personal Computers - first with CP/M and then with the MS-Dos Operating system that Microsoft brought out in the 1980s. Colbro Transport , based then in Masvingo, were the first user of Payrite in that format.

This system was called Payrite and over time we took a subset of these programs and marketed them to the Farming Community as Jacana. Many a trip was made into the rural areas of Zimbabwe in the 1990s marketing and supporting Jacana to hundreds of farmers in places like Karoi, Rusape, Burma Valley, Chiredzi and Chinhoyi. Many of their suppliers in the smaller district communities of Zimbabwe also used the Jacana and Payrite software.

Then when Windows came along we have to create a brand new system using the Pascal Language together with Delphi development tools. I gave this system the unusual name of Adaski using the first 2 letters from my 3 children's names: - AD (am) AS (shleigh) and KI (mberley). Over time this proved too much for the general public to remember so we have now reverted back to just PAYRITE.

We have offices and very helpful support staff for Payrite in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Gweru. Payrite is an extremely easy system to use and many clients run it from their homes miles away from the city centres with only rare trips into to see our staff when they have unusual circumstances or new operators using the software

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Head Office - Harare

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Mike Garden

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