Lots of small cosmetic changes. Corrected Leave Pay periods for standard Deductions

Payrite is a simple, yet very effective, Payroll Software package that is used by hundreds of independent companies throughout Zimbabwe. It has been designed in such a way that new users can start using the bare necessities with just one hour's operator training. In this day and age people do not want to have to go on a long training course before they use their new Software package.

The initial menu is laid out with 15 separate sub menus headed , Set Up Files, Employees, Pay Run, Reports and similar making it very easy to work out which screen or report needs to call up for the function required at the time. All of the screens are presented in a similar structure with small edit boxes displayed next to related labels identifying each field that should be captured by the operator.

The current version of Payrite was written in 2005 by the Managing Director of Softrite, Mike Garden, using the Delphi platform and writing in the Pascal Language. The system is constantly being improved on to allow for new reports and changes to cater for amendments to PAYE, NSSA, Bank Transfer disc layouts and similar regulated requirements necessary for the administration of a Payroll here in Zimbabwe.

In a typical pay Run one would take on new employees and then any adjustments to each individual's pay. Regular allowances or deductions remain as is from one period to the next. All of the Standard deductions like PAYE, NSSA, Medical Aid, Pension, Union and NEC can be calculated automatically or entered one by one depending on how each customer wants to implement Payrite.

Most reports have an option whereby an excel (.csv) file can be created for use in other ways such as sending via an email to Accountants and relevant Management staff.

There is a very useful Control Totals Report that should be printed each Pay Day and given to people like the Human Resources Manager so that they can see a summary of what is being paid out and or deducted for that period.

Historical information can be seen at a glance and printed if necessary using programs like the Transaction Enquiry screen or the Loans Transaction Report.

Leave accruals and journals can be recorded and used as and when needed. This Leave can be broken down into the different types such as Normal, Special, Study and Sick Leave.

Please contact your nearest Softrite Office for a free demonstration or discussion on other aspects of Payrite so that we can show you how your company can benefit from using Payrite.

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